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Opportunities for Worship March 2018


Sunday 4th - 3rd Sunday of Lent

                8.00am                                 Bishops Cannings             Communion - Traditional

                8.00am                                 Urchfont                              Communion - Traditional

                10.00am                               All Cannings                       Communion - Modern

                10.00am                               Bishops Cannings             Informal Service

                10.00am                               Chirton                                 Communion - Modern

                10.00am                               Marden                                Morning Prayer

                10.30am                               Urchfont                              Matins

                6.00pm                                 Stert                                      Evensong - Traditional

Wednesday 7th                     

                10.00am                               Urchfont                              Communion

Sunday 11th - 4th Sunday of Lent - Mothering Sunday                   

                9.30am                                 Wilsford                               Communion - Traditional

                10.00am                               Bishops Cannings             Communion - Modern

                11.00am                               Urchfont                              Communion - Modern

                4.00pm                                 All Cannings                       Family Service

                6.00pm                                 Chirton                                 Evensong - Traditional

Friday 16th                

                9.00am                                 Marden                                Communion

Sunday 18th - 5th Sunday of Lent                 

                8.00am                                 Bishops Cannings             Communion - Traditional

                8.00am                                 Urchfont                              Communion - Traditional

                9.30am                                 Stert                                      Communion- Traditional

                10.00am                               All Cannings                       Informal Communion

                10.00am                               Bishops Cannings             Communion - Modern

                10.30am                               Urchfont                              Sunday Half Hour

                11.00am                               Marden                                Communion – Modern



Friday 23rd                            

                9.00am                                 Marden                                Morning Prayer

Sunday 25th - Palm Sunday              

                8.00am                                 Chirton                                 Communion - Traditional

                10.00am                               Bishops Cannings             Communion - Modern

                10.00am                               Etchilhampton                   Communion - Informal

                11.00am                               Urchfont                              Communion - Modern

                6.00pm                                 All Cannings                       Communion - Modern

                6.00pm                                 Urchfont                              Evensong – Traditional

Monday 26th - Holy Week

                7.30pm                                 Etchilhampton                   Night Prayer

Tuesday 27th - Holy Week

                7.00pm                                 Stert                                Night Prayer

Wednesday 28th - Holy Week

                7.00pm                                 Marden                            Night Prayer

Thursday 29th - Maundy Thursday

                7.30pm                                 Bishops Cannings             Liturgy of Maundy Thursday

                7.30pm                                 Urchfont                              Liturgy of Maundy Thursday

Friday 30th - Good Friday

                2.00pm                                 All Cannings                       Quiet Hour

                2.00pm                                 Urchfont                              Liturgy of Good Friday

Saturday 31st - Holy Saturday          

                8.00pm                                 Bishops Cannings             Easter Liturgy